7 Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

7 Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

The skin surrounding the neck is visible and susceptible to aging effects like fine lines or wrinkles. Sagging skin and wrinkles on your neck can make you appear older. Options like neck lift cosmetic procedures can help make your neck look youthful by eliminating the visible aging signs and excess skin. Scottsdale neck lift is an anti-aging surgery ideal for virtually anyone spotting untimely signs regardless of age and gender. There are many benefits associated with neck lift surgery. Some of the top benefits of neck lift surgery include.

1.  Ideal double chin treatment

A double chin brings an unattractive fullness beneath the chin, which is always associated with excessive weight gain. Other factors can also cause a double chin, including aging and genetics. People born with a weak chin or short neck are also prone to developing a double chin despite living a healthy lifestyle. If fat deposits are the primary cause of your double chin neck lift surgery can help eliminate it. Through excess fat removal, this procedure makes your neck slimmer, giving you a natural-youthful neckline.

2.  Fix a poorly defined jawline

Your face is fuller when you are young. But, as you gradually age, your face loses mass in the cheeks, making your jawline sag and “jowls” appear. A neck lift surgery can help restore the appearance of your jawline to a much more pleasing and youthful look.

3.  Address “Turkey neck” concerns

The skin around your neck is not immune to the gradual breakdown of collagen as you age. As a result, the underlying neck muscles weaken, causing the skin to sag. A neck lift surgery can help tighten loose neck muscles (platysma) and trim excess skin.

4.  Eliminate Platysmal Bands

Neck muscles are hidden behind layers of fat. As you age, the layer of fat decreases, reducing the cushion between the muscle and skin. This is how platysmal/vertical bands develop. These bands have a rubber band-like and thick appearance, hanging from the base of the neck to Adam’s apple area. A neck lift surgery can help reduce the band’s appearance by elevating the lower face and neck skin, tightening the underlying muscles leaving your skin looking smoother.

5.  Results last long

Although neck lift surgery cannot stop aging, one of the benefits is long-lasting results. The results of a neck lift surgery are durable and can often last up to 10 years.

6.  Surgical scars are almost invisible

Most people worry about having visible scars after a procedure. However, the scar is almost impossible to see after neck lift surgery. The scars are relatively small and hidden, so nobody can know if you had surgery, which helps create a natural look.

7.  Boosts confidence

Excess neck skin can cause you to be self-conscious. It could prompt you to wear certain clothes to cover your neck region. With neck lift surgery, you will stop worrying about this because your jaw and chin will be more defined. This will give you the confidence to interact with others and undertake daily activities.

Cosmetic procedures like a neck lift can help you spot youthful looks for an extended period, improving your self-esteem and productivity. Visit Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery to learn more about neck lift surgery and its benefits.

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