5 Common Treatment Options for Plantar Wart at Home

5 Common Treatment Options for Plantar Wart at Home

 A plantar wart is a common occurrence, mainly in children and teenagers. This condition happens when your skin, mostly the feet’s soles, comes into contact with a viral infection known as human papillomavirus (HPV). Plantar warts can be very painful, and the raised bumps due to this infection can be very uncomfortable when you stand or walk. Although you can treat plantar warts at home, you are encouraged to consult your doctor. Fortunately, Glen Burnie plantar wart team of well-certified physicians can aid in your recovery. Meanwhile, check out the treatment options for plantar warts.

1. Duct Tape

Using duct tape is one of the slowest ways to remove plantar warts. This treatment is done by applying a tiny piece of tape to the region with the plantar wart. Afterward, it would be best if you changed the tape two times a day. However, changing it twice a day will not be the case if the plantar wart is on your feet’s soles. However, in theory, the tape should be used to ‘peel away’ the wart.

2. Tea Tree Oil

History says that tea tree oil was used as a topical antiseptic. This treatment is mainly used for acne, wounds, and fungal infections. Although it has not been well researched, tea tree oil is also efficient in plantar wart removal. If you wish to use this medication, you should apply a little tea tree oil diluted in almond or olive oil to the region with the plantar wart. Do this two times a day.

3. OTC Freezing Sprays

Like salicylic acid, both of these medications have liquid and nitrogen and are made to perform the same task as cryotherapy in your doctor’s office. The spray is designed to make an injury that looks like a blister to the wart. When this blister heels, the wart will simultaneously cease to be there.

With this treatment, you release the product straight onto your wart for about twenty seconds. Within a week, the blister will be made and healed. If the wart is still there, consider repeating the process for about six weeks or seek medical attention from a professional about plantar wart.

4. Iodine

Iodine is a very important mineral that is frequently involved with thyroid health. However, you can also use particular formations for other reasons, like wart removal. Research shows that a joint product of povidone-iodine topical solution aided in removing warts.

This medication proved successful after someone applied it two times a day for twelve weeks. Although this treatment can be done at home, your doctor should supervise you, especially if you have a chronic disease like a thyroid illness.

5. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is also an herbal medication, as is tea tree oil. However, unlike tea tree oil, scientists have more information about its antiviral properties. If you undertake this medication, place diluted milk thistle removal to your warts twice a day. However, this medication is not right for you if you have a history of ragweed allergies.

Although it sounds like a simple concern, plantar wart removal is sometimes more difficult. Fortunately, Dr. Eric Harmelin and his team are ready to aid. Make the first step and visit any of the offices near you. If you seek an appointment, schedule a consultation via mobile or online.

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