5 Common Reasons Why You Might Require Specialty Contact Lenses

5 Common Reasons Why You Might Require Specialty Contact Lenses

Numerous individuals prefer contact lenses to glasses because of their simplicity and comfort. Sadly, some individuals cannot wear regular contact lenses because of eye issues, whereas others consider them excessively unpleasant. In such circumstances, custom-made specialized lenses are preferable. At Alamo Eye Care, Dr. Melanie Frogozo and Dr. Swati Kumar are specialists in prescribing and fitting specialty contact lenses. Arrange an appointment to determine if these custom-made lenses are appropriate for you. Meanwhile, continue reading to discover common reasons to consider specialty contact lenses San Antonio.

1)     You Suffer from Keratoconus

If you have the degenerative eye illness keratoconus, your corneas will shrink and finally bulge. With time, the bulging transforms the corneas into conical shapes, which may be incompatible with conventional contact lenses.

You can treat mild keratoconus using eyeglasses or ordinary soft contact lenses. However, more complex cases require custom-made contacts like scleral lenses. With customized contact lenses, you can wear contacts more comfortably and have clearer eyesight. Besides, you can benefit from ocular surface restoration.

2)     You Suffer from Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition wherein the front eye surface gets irregularly shaped. To fix this condition, you should consider toric lenses. Conventional spherical lenses have similar magnifications in all meridians. However, the strength of toric lenses varies along different meridians, which implies spherical lenses rotate while blinking, whereas toric lenses remain stationary. This lens is typically weighted at the bottom, so it will only move vertically when you blink.

However, every eye astigmatism is unique. Therefore, it may take several attempts to find the ideal brand in terms of comfort and clarity. Moreover, the expertise required to fit these lenses exceeds that of a conventional lens examination and fitting.

3)     You Experience Dry Eyes

Dry eyes could make contact lenses unpleasant or impossible to wear. Numerous physicians advise patients with dry eyes to wear gas-permeable lenses. These lenses enable increased oxygen flow and permit tears to circulate underneath the lenses, preventing the eyes from drying up.

If your eyes are excessively dry, scleral contacts are an alternative. The design of these contact lenses ensures they retain a lot of moisture; thus, offering relief for dry eyes.

4)     You Have Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

GPC is an infection induced by tear proteins. Your eyes’ inflammatory reaction causes the lid glands to secrete mucus, forming a filmy coating on your contacts. This film renders wearing contact lenses uncomfortable because it causes them to adhere to the eyes and shift excessively.

Daily soft lenses are the ideal contact lenses to use in this situation. You will use these contacts for under 24 hours, which means they do not have sufficient time to accumulate protein.

The second alternative is utilizing gas-permeable contacts. The tough material renders it hard for the filmy substance to stick. Even after extensive cleaning, soft contact lenses will retain a small quantity of this undesirable film.

5)     You Have Problems Following Refractive Surgery

Occasionally, LASIK surgery cannot entirely correct all vision issues. Once this occurs, you will need to wear specialty contacts for optimal vision correction. Some of the concerns that might necessitate wearing specialist contacts, despite a refractive surgery include:

·       Severe astigmatism

·       Monovision

·       Extreme halos and glare

·       Higher-Order Aberrations

You do not have to put up with conventional contact lenses if they feel unpleasant or do not improve your eyesight. At Alamo Eye Care, the optometrist and specialty contact lens specialists assist patients in selecting the appropriate lenses for their condition. The doctors have considerable expertise in specialty contacts and will answer all your inquiries. Call the Austin or San Antonio, TX, office or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation today.

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