10 Side Dishes That Goes Well With Your Pastrami Sandwich

10 Side Dishes That Goes Well With Your Pastrami Sandwich

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Pastrami is made by brining, seasoning, and smoking beef. This takes days or weeks — and this very process makes it one of the tastiest deli meat out there. The pastrami sandwich has become a symbol of the classic New York Jewish deli. It’s bursting with flavors and can be paired with many other side dishes. If you’re craving a pastrami sandwich delivery, here are the best 10 side dishes that go well with it.

Coleslaw. This is one of the most popularly paired side dishes with pastrami. The shredded cabbage provides crunchiness and its tangy taste blends well with the smoked flavor of the deli meat. Apastrami sandwich with condiments should be eaten with coleslaw without mayonnaise dressing to keep the balance perfect.

Green salad. If you ask any deli that offers pastrami sandwich delivery, you’ll never go wrong if you eat the sandwich together with this type of salad. It’s fresh and light on the taste buds. If you’re eating the more elaborate Reuben pastrami sandwich, this is the ideal side dish for you.

Israeli salad. For a complete Jewish gastronomic experience, you should buy your pastrami sandwich with an Israeli salad. Healthy, low in calories, and budget-friendly, this salad comprises Persian cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, parsley — complete with lemon juice and olive oil.

Matzo ball soup. This chicken soup is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish side dish commonly served during Passover. It has dumplings made from matzah meal, chicken breasts, carrots, and celery. Its warmth complements the smokey appeal of the sandwich.

Cream soups. A sandwich paired with soup is perfect for people with a bigger appetite. If you want a more accessible and easier-to-prepare alternative, any kind of cream soup is a great choice. You can make a soup that best suits your taste — it could be cream of mushroom, broccoli, or potato soup

Potatoes. Speaking of potatoes, they’re also a side dish that goes well with your pastrami sandwich delivery. Whether they’re fried, roasted, or even in the form of chips, they can still elevate the flavor of your deli sandwich.

Pickles. You can commonly see pastrami sandwiches being offered together with pickles. Their taste, which offers the right blend of saltiness and sourness, is one of the best things that can suit the flavors of pastrami. Their crunchiness also complements the juiciness of the deli meat.

Sauerkraut. Some pastrami sandwiches already feature this finely shredded and lacto-fermented cabbage. If yours doesn’t have it yet, you can prepare sauerkraut as your side dish. Its hints of acidic flavor match the flavors of the meat well.

Apple slices. Aromatic and classically sweet, apple slices are used as a side dish for many other meat-centric meals. However, if you want to have a pastrami side dish that’s easy to prepare, this one is perfect for you.

British baked beans. Another widely used side dish, the comforting baked beans offer a sweet and gently earthy flavor. And it works great with a pastrami sandwich. But if you want the baked beans to be the star of the table, you can also use pastrami meat as the extra ingredient for it.

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